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Reserve your seats for the design teams’ presentation, Thursday, January 27

Here’s the scoop:

Walker AnnouncementUpdate, January 7: As of last night, all tickets were snapped up and the Walker is no longer taking reservations. Boy, that was fast! The Walker will have a waitlist; see deets on their website or our sidebar. Otherwise, be sure to catch the webcast.

Before the month is out, the MR|DC’s four competing design teams will again converge on Minneapolis, this time to present to you – the public – their visions for the Upper Riverfront and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Walker Art Center, an MR|DC creative partner, will be hosting the free presentation on Thursday, January 27 at 7:00 PM. Reservations are recommended; you can call the Walker at 612.375.7600 beginning today. (Fine print: Unclaimed tickets are subject to redistribution 15 minutes before the event.)

The presentation will also be webcast live and archived at the Walker’s MR|DC

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Designer\’s Notebook: Team TLS/KVA

Here’s the scoop:

Charles Garcia of Team TLS/KVA shared this post with us:

Sara riversideTLS and KVA met with other team members, including local associate Jon Commers, in MPLS for several days filled with discussions with consultants and members of the community, the “Above The Falls” community meeting and of course, site visits. The latter were met with some shivering from our California contingent. Being out on the river and gaining a true understanding of the scale of the site and all the possibilities was an invaluable experience.

The team was inspired by the progressive attitudes of everyone we met, and the desire and excitement that is evident when discussing the river.

Local favorites scouted out so far include Psycho Suzi\’s, the huevos rancheros at Moose & Sadies and One on One Bicycle Studio.

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Last day of “Designer Ask” + What would get you to the Upper Riverfront more often?

Here’s the scoop:

Hennepin Facing South

Today is the last day to submit responses to the design team’s Designer Ask Survey. If you haven’t already, give yourself and the community the gift of sharing your Upper Riverfront and Minneapolis experience with our four competing design teams. (Speaking of – have you checked out our Designer’s Notebook blog series?)

Now for . . . Question of the Day: What would get you to the Upper Riverfront more often?

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Designer’s Notebook: Team Stoss

Here’s the scoop

Chris Reed, Principal of Stoss Landscape Urbanism, sent us this post:

Chris Reed, on the riverHad a great (and cold!) few days along the river. Our local partners—Bob Close and Brue Jacobson of Close Landscape Architecture and Kim Chapman of Applied Ecological Services—hosted the team, who came from as far as Boston and Los Angeles.

The project is big—and long—but the river has a certain intimacy here in Minneapolis. I think it\’s the islands and bridges, the lazy flow of the river, and the relatively short distance across (at least compared to stretches further south).

And the energy and good nature of the people we met was infectious! Incredibly warm, and with great hope and ambition for the city. High expectations, much to live up to . . .

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Designer’s Notebook: Team Turenscape



Steve and Kongjian visit with a North Minneapolis resident north of Camden

Steve Durant of team Turenscape submitted the following blog post and gallery. Enjoy!

The Turenscape team converged again on the Minneapolis riverfront, in our studio space at MS&R Architects in the Mill City Museum right after Thanksgiving.

Over the course of our week together, team leader Dr. Kongjian Yu (Turenscape), and project manager Steve Durrant (Alta Planning + Design) and other team members walked the banks of the river from St. Anthony Falls to Camden three times, each of us putting in about 40 miles on foot. When we attended the “Above the Falls” community meeting Tuesday evening at the East

Side Neighborhood Services building, it was gratifying for Steve to reconnect with many of the community members he worked with on the Above the Falls plan in 2000.

Working with our team in the studio and on the site we composed an approach that reflects the many complex legacies evident in the corridor (history, ecology, community, economy) and foretells a future of ecological and community vitality. This is a big ideas team well versed in the history and potential for the Mississippi and its neighborhoods. I hope you\’ll follow our progress on the team blog and participate in the competition\’s many community opportunities.

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How do you get to there? What is the greatest barrier?


River's Edge with BridgeIt’s Question of the Day time again, and this one is more practical than prosaic: the MR|DC Designers want to know, “How do you get to the river, watershed, or parkland at the Upper Riverfront? What is the greatest barrier?” Answers can be modes of transportation like biking, walking or driving, as well as routes, like specific streets, paths or parkways.

One community member told us (I’m paraphrasing here) at the December 7 meeting that he usually walks to Boom Island because he’s only a couple of blocks away. Then he added sheepishly, well, sometimes he drives because he has to go back and get things – like friends, the fishing license, beer . . .

With two little kids, I drive to the Upper Riverfront from South Minneapolis and then we get out and walk along the shore – trundling up and down the stairs or the banks. Distance and time is the greatest barrier for me and my family.

So tell us – how do you get there and what gets in your way?



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Designer’s Notebook: Ken Smith and Team Visit Minne

Mario Benito with team Ken Smith Workshop submitted this scrapbook from the team’s visit here earlier this month. (Roll over images for captions.)

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What is your strongest memory about the Mississippi River?


Third Avenue Facing NorthIt’s day two in our series of “Designer Ask” questions of the day. If you’ve ever spent time down by the river, chances are that one experience or more stand out in your memory. For me, it’s the tire swing that used to hang from a giant tree somewhere along the West Bank – I’m talking about the 1970s, ya’ll – and the thrill of swooshing out into the water. What’s your strongest memory of the river?

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Question of the day: Mpls is a city of . . .


Now through Tuesday, December 21, we’ll post a “Designer Ask” question each day. Please join the conversation and share your river experience – and ask your friends, too. Want more thought-provoking questions? Take the survey.

Today’s Question of the Day: Minneapolis is a city of . . . .

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Engaged and Engaging Community Turned Out for Tuesday Night’s “Designer Ask” Meeting


Community discusses designers' questions

Competition partners are sending a big thank you! to the citizens who attended Tuesday night’s MR|DC “Designer Ask” Community Meeting. Well over 60 people – mostly Minneapolis residents and a few from other communities – came to Park Board headquarters along the Upper Riverfront to learn about the competition from MR|DC Project Manager Mary deLaittre, ask questions of competition sponsors, and respond to questions the design teams have for them.

The meeting was very congenial and fruitful, with community members asking questions about the competition and project budgets, geographic boundaries and river engineering, feasibility and time line for implementation, and future opportunities for community input. Attendees then participated in the small group discussions of key Designer Ask questions. It was a really engaging process that got the community talking with competition representatives and with each other, as they responded to these designers’ questions:

  • Complete this sentence: Minneapolis is a city of . . .
  • What is your strongest memory about the Mississippi River?
  • How do you get there (water, river or parkland above St. Anthony Falls) and what is the greatest barrier you have experienced?
  • What legacy would you most like to see for your (our) children?

These questions, and many more equally inspiring, are found in the Designer Ask Survey. Please take a few minutes to fill it out!

We will be posting the community’s questions with answers; watch the blog for more on that. And, if you attended Tuesday night’s meeting – tell us about it!

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