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Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking to find information on the jury for the competition.
The jury will be publicly announced the first week of October.

Can you tell me if there is a long version of the RFQ for the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition?
There is only one version of the RFQ.  Once the four teams are selected a more comprehensive competition brief will be available to them.

Can you clarify what is meant by “team member” in the Entry Requirements section? It asks for a 2-page resume and 3 projects per team member. Does “team member” mean each FIRM on the team or each PERSON?
Each team may be comprised of multiple individuals and firms – I encourage you to feature the KEY individual/s from each firm or consultancy that  represent the expertise necessary to the project.

I’m architecture student and ı would like to join this competition – is it possible?
The competition is only open to professionals.

Can the required information can be submitted by E-Mail?
We are requiring submissions on CD/DVD but will make exceptions – for example teams that are having difficulty mailing to the US from abroad. If you must submit via email please do it by 5PM Minneapolis time and notify us in advance of your submission mode. There shouldn’t be a problem with file size.

Is the Riverfront Design Competition open to architects and teams operating outside the US?
This is an international competition open to designers outside the US.

Under the RFQ for the limit of 3 projects to submit. How many sheets would we be able to provide per project?
We do not have restrictions on the number of pages per project but we encourage you to be selective and only include as many pages as clearly and concisely represent your project.

What size page you would prefer for the submission?
We require 8.5″ x 11″ pages.

Can you please provide more detail on the grand prize/the commission to be awarded the winning team?
Over the last 20 years, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has invested $60 million in riverfront development, a public commitment that has brought an additional $2  billion in private investment. The winning MR|DC commission will be based on  design team proposals. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has secured public funding for an MR|DC-inspired park development; if the commission is a larger public/private economic development proposal, private monies will be sought to supplement the public funds and phased development will be considered.

For the October 13th, does it include a design proposal, or is it just an introduction of the team -  including bios and resumes?
The submission is an introduction of team members, their experience and interest in the project – not a design submission.

Our firm is submitting a proposal for the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition. Does it work if our CD is post marked by October 13th or does it have to arrive on that day?
The CD will have to arrive on the 13th October.

Is there a page limit?
No Page limit.

How will the qualifications packet be viewed, will it be printed or distributed electronically?
The submissions will be distributed digitally.

Can a sub consultant be on multiple teams?
Yes, a sub-consultant can be on multiple teams.

Are employees of the sponsoring organizations eligible to participate in the design competition?
Participation in this Competition is open to all design professionals; however, no member of the MPRB and MPF staff is eligible to participate.

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