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Comment on the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition

Thank you for participating in the discussion about the MR|DC. Comments on the competition will be relevant to the next steps in the Minneapolis riverfront initiative. You can also join the conversation on Facebook or connect with @MplsRiverDesign on Twitter.

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3 Responses to Comment on the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition

  1. Robert Smith says:

    I thought the entire competition was well run and very interesting to watch. The proposals exceeded my expectations, and I’m very excited to see something actually implemented.

  2. Cat says:

    I find it very disappointing but also unsurprising (as things seem to go in this ridiculous and hypocritical state) that 2 out of state firms were selected. Obviously they have loaded up their teams with MN based sub consultants and contractors, but this is such a unique project to highlight Minneapolis– why not allow a talened mn firm to serve as prime, while out of state firms serve as sub consultants to the project?

    Additionally, I think this serves as a slap across the face to local architectural programs — primarily the U of M. Makes me realize as a hardworking, publicly educated graduate student, no Minnesota State rep will ever take me seriously for a crem-de-la-crem project– they save those projects for former Harvard students of distinction or spoon fed Californian and Parisian students. While a MN based firm would have poured their heart and local soul into that that project, our Boston and Californian “Prime” friends are probably poking fun at everything Minnesotan while sipping wine, starring at their ocean.

    Why will young talent stay working in this landlocked, horrid winter state if the local projects aren’t even reserved for us??!!! No thanks, I think I’ll move out west, add some snobbery to my bio/resume and simply win projects with the state that way.

    There were obvious dinosaurs on this committee.

  3. Dennis says:

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