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Designers’ Notebook: Behind the Scenes with Team Stoss

From the notebook of CHRIS REED, STOSS, 6 January 2011:

Team Stoss Planning in three cities

After returning from Minneapolis in December, the Stoss team went to work analyzing, conceptualizing, testing, re-thinking, re-drawing. This was a very animated time for us, with collaborative meetings and phone calls, sketches going back and forth via email—from Minneapolis to Boston to Los Angeles to New York and back. Not only were the designers on the team involved, but our ecologists, hydrologists, engineers, scientists, historian and economists were all weighing in—informing, challenging, shaping, refining. All of this culminated with a conceptual framework and supportive drawings being shared just as everyone on the team was heading off to the holidays, for a well-deserved rest.

This first week in January has been intense, the phone has not stopped ringing, the meetings continue, the email is flying, the Skype is skyping … We\’re using a combination of in-person, wired, and telephone communications and collaborations to shape and refine the park concepts—our cross-continental phone conference on January 5th is pictured here. Lots of debate, lots of energy, lots of serious fun.

Looking forward to sharing these ideas with everyone in a few weeks. But need to run now—only 15 days left until submission!

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