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What is your strongest memory about the Mississippi River?


Third Avenue Facing NorthIt’s day two in our series of “Designer Ask” questions of the day. If you’ve ever spent time down by the river, chances are that one experience or more stand out in your memory. For me, it’s the tire swing that used to hang from a giant tree somewhere along the West Bank – I’m talking about the 1970s, ya’ll – and the thrill of swooshing out into the water. What’s your strongest memory of the river?

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9 Responses to What is your strongest memory about the Mississippi River?

  1. Canoeing down the Mississippi River with students from Minneapolis Public Schools! They had an awesome time and we did too! It is such a unique way to see the city and learn about the National Park that is right here in our backyard!

    Check out a cool slide show on the Urban Wilderness Canoe Adventures (UWCA):

    • Janette Law says:

      What a great video, Megan! Thanks for posting.

    • Lary says:

      Great job, Lisa. It’s good to know that people are intreested in the River. I support your idea for the Stone Arch Strolls, you’ll definitely learn a great deal that you can then share with us. Who is the former U.S. VP who lives nearby?

  2. Wendy Krautkramer says:

    Strongest Memory of the River is quite recent since I only moved here about 5 years ago. However, it is definitely walking along the Stone Arch Bridge and marveling at the tremendous force from the lock and dam. Also, gazing at the river from St. Anthony Main area and seeing the city in the backdrop. It made me proud to be a Minnesotan!

    • Janette Law says:

      Hi, Wendy! The falls really are magnificent – have you been down to Father Hennepin Park just north of the Stone Arch Bridge? My family and I love it down there (especially after brunch at St. Anthony Main). BTW: where are you from?

      • Wendy Krautkramer says:

        I’m from Central WI. Most of my family lives in WI / IL so we rarely went to MN growing up. Love the midwest though and glad to be part of the Twin Cities

  3. Michael Gacek says:

    I have a few.
    One is jumping off the railroad bridge north of Broadway into the river, many of us, some got hurt hitting bottom, (that was then, not now) another is catching big carp by a barge loading dock almost next to the the Broadway bridge. It’s gone now and another is my dad, me and are dog going down the river from Camden to St. Paul in a little 12 foot boat with a 3 hp Johnson, Took all day! These a a few off hand. Those were the days.

  4. Brian Finstad says:

    Watching the water ski shows in North Minneapolis.

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