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How do you get to there? What is the greatest barrier?


River's Edge with BridgeIt’s Question of the Day time again, and this one is more practical than prosaic: the MR|DC Designers want to know, “How do you get to the river, watershed, or parkland at the Upper Riverfront? What is the greatest barrier?” Answers can be modes of transportation like biking, walking or driving, as well as routes, like specific streets, paths or parkways.

One community member told us (I’m paraphrasing here) at the December 7 meeting that he usually walks to Boom Island because he’s only a couple of blocks away. Then he added sheepishly, well, sometimes he drives because he has to go back and get things – like friends, the fishing license, beer . . .

With two little kids, I drive to the Upper Riverfront from South Minneapolis and then we get out and walk along the shore – trundling up and down the stairs or the banks. Distance and time is the greatest barrier for me and my family.

So tell us – how do you get there and what gets in your way?



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