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Designers Ask: What\’s Your Minneapolis | Mississippi Experience?

“What’s your experience of the Upper Mississippi riverfront?” That’s the question – in the broadest sense – that the MR|DC’s four competing landscape and urban design teams have for Minneapolis residents and visitors.

Today, we released the in-depth “Designer Ask” survey, so-called because it comprises questions from the design teams for the community. The Designer Ask contains 25 mostly open-ended questions arranged in five categories:

  • Living in Minneapolis (or your Minneapolis experience, if you’re a non-resident)
  • Relationship to the River
  • Getting There
  • What Do You Want
  • Community Engagement

Share your responses online or pick up a print survey at any Minneapolis Park and Recreation Center. If you’d like to participate in one of several small-group discussions of the Designer Ask, join us for a Community Meeting (agenda PDF) this evening, December 7, 7-8:30 PM in the Board Room of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, 2117 West River Road.

Competition Project Manager Mary deLaittre describes the survey as a key component in the information-gathering phase of the design process. Community participation in the Designer Ask provides a contemporary, human-level perspective on the Upper Riverfront and the neighborhoods that’s an essential addition to the substantial quantity of plans, maps, historical documents and other information provided in the Competition Brief from multiple government, educational, neighborhood, and advocacy groups. In other words – your comments count!

The deadline for survey responses is December 21, 2010. This allows the design teams enough time to incorporate what they learn into their design process.

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