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Designer\’s Notebook: Team TLS/KVA

Here’s the scoop:

Charles Garcia of Team TLS/KVA shared this post with us:

Sara riversideTLS and KVA met with other team members, including local associate Jon Commers, in MPLS for several days filled with discussions with consultants and members of the community, the “Above The Falls” community meeting and of course, site visits. The latter were met with some shivering from our California contingent. Being out on the river and gaining a true understanding of the scale of the site and all the possibilities was an invaluable experience.

The team was inspired by the progressive attitudes of everyone we met, and the desire and excitement that is evident when discussing the river.

Local favorites scouted out so far include Psycho Suzi\’s, the huevos rancheros at Moose & Sadies and One on One Bicycle Studio.

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